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Do you run a business in Southern Utah? Are you interested in advertising to our CedarCityBlogShop.com users?

Our users who will be viewing your ads are all active consumers in the community. Our users are very involved and extremely loyal. Currently, 99% of all visitors to our site are living here within 50 miles of Cedar City. It doesn’t get much more targeted than that! Our current monthly page view rate is 25,000. That is a lot of ad impressions to a very targeted audience.

CLICK HERE for our advertisement inquiry form. And read below for the current ad spots and rates.

Here is the current information for available ad spots, traffic and rates.

Our ad placement prices are based on our current traffic level of 25,000 page views a month. Prices will change as traffic varies. Contracts are 1 month at a time, and the price is only guaranteed for that month. All ads are subject to approval. We will provide detailed explanations of any rejected ads so that you can make needed changes.


— TOP OF EVERY PAGE! — $45 /30-days —

2 different sizes are acceptable (400×120 & 468×60)

This is an exclusive spot, only one ad runs here for the whole month(you can change the ad 1 time during the month if needed).



— IN THE SIDE BAR! (300×300) —

Front Page & All ad pages – $35 /30-days

Front Page only– $30 /30-days

All Ad listings (but not on front page)– $25 /30-days

Bonus – all 3 include random spots on blog pages, personal dashboards and user profile pages as well.

Currently only 3 ads run per page.



— BOTTOM OF EVERY AD! — $25 /30-days —

550×200 Large Banner will appear below the map and above the comments on every classified ad posted on the site.

Bonus Spots: This ad will also appear on some bonus pages like some blog posts etc.

This is an exclusive spot, only one ad runs here for the whole month(you can update the ad throughout the month).




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  • TIP: Share your Ad after you post it!

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    For maximum exposure for your Ad, view it after you post it, and click the”Share/Save” button at the bottom of your description to share your ad posting on all your favorite social media sites! Also help your friends or good causes out by sharing their ads as well. Just view their ad and do the same thing!

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